A weekly live show and podcast,
hailed as “Deeply authentic and wildly vulnerable”
with over 105,000 views each week and growing fast.

The first all-male talk show style format covering vulnerable topics each week, opening up deeply about the things men don’t usually discuss. The show is truly a place of awareness, healing, and honest discussions on mental health and important life topics for both sexes.

"Amazing hour guys! Appreciate you guys opening up to us."

"So awesome to see you men share your thoughts and feelings, thank you!"

"You fellas help me HEAL! I’m so glad you do this."

"This is why we need to get this show on the largest platform possible. Amazing!"

"So great to see men in their masculine power and opening up vulnerably."

"Amazing topic very deep thanks guys!"

"We need more men to be real and speak their truth."

"I needed this it's been a rough week."

Just a handful of our past
120+ episodes include:

• Are you ever the same after shame?
• Finding your state to create.
• What makes a real man real?
• It’s not about me… or is it?
• Relationship with self.
• The heaviness of emptiness.
• Giving with attachments and expectations.
• The energy exchange.
• Do you get triggered when challenged?

“The goal of our podcast has always been to better understand ourselves as men. Giving women too an in-depth look into our hearts and minds, generating understanding between each other as we try and emotionally navigate our daily challenges and lives.
–  Jay, Evis, Jeff & Josh

Executive Producer & Host – Jay Rothman

For years, Jay’s had the vision to touch millions, improving lives through emotional and physical health and wellness. He’s an international transformational coach, 2x #1 International Author and motivational speaker. As the creator of several web/tv programs, Jay inspires men and women daily around the world.  More about Jay…

Co-Host – Evis Heath

Evis is an Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. His unique style combines over 100,000 years of culture and healing methods. As a trainer, Evis has helped thousands of people not only transform their bodies but to “embody” their unlimited, best possible version of self.  More about Evis…

Co-Host – Jeff Fasano

Jeff’s an international celebrity photographer, author, Reiki Master, Light Ascension Therapist, and Trance Channel. As a photographer, he has captured the essence, heart, and soul of legendary actors, actresses, and musicians. As Jeff says, beneath the surface lies the beauty and elegance of the soul.  More about Jeff’s Photography…

Co-Host – Josh Ritcher

Josh is the Art Director for ABC’s, multi-Emmy winning show Shark Tank. As a Filmmaker and Author, Josh is passionate about mental health through neuroscience and reframing. Josh speaks vulnerably each week from his own experience with depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and near suicide. More about Josh’s work…

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